How to Fit Back Camera in Car?

Installing a back camera will help you see objects behind your car, without having to turn your head. A rear-view camera basically makes driving hassle-free, especially for those of with larger cars. Some vehicles have rear view cameras as a standard feature; however, you can easily install a rear-view camera in your vehicle by following a few simple installation steps.

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The tools you would need to fix your rear-view camera include a wire stripper, a soldering iron and solder, a multimeter, an electrical tape, removal tools, a screwdriver and screws. First of all, you require fixing the mirror monitor on top of the rear-view mirror. Then, stretch the cable to the roof lining. The monitor requires a 12-volt power which you’ll find on the dashboard or near the rear-view mirror. You can use the multimeter to test the voltage of the ignition feed. The long signal wire should be extended up to the rear of the vehicle. You can run the wire under the carpet until the wire reaches the boot. Now, you can mount the camera above the rear number plate, which is considered the ideal location.

The camera wire needs to reach the vehicle’s interior, either through the hole of the number plate light or by drilling a new hole. You should use a double-sided tape and screws to secure the camera in place. The camera needs a 12-volt reverse power, so you require a multimeter to determine the reverse feed for the tail light. Once you have finished connecting all the plugs, switch on your vehicle’s ignition to test the camera. Once you shift to reverse gear, the camera’s image will appear on the mirror monitor. Having a back camera will drastically improve your vehicle’s safety, without a shadow of a doubt.